About Lunaria Digital

Lunaria Digital started as a small project but soon overcame all our expectations and has grown a lot in the past year. How did it come to this? In order for us to provide all the digital marketing services our clients need, we had to keep branching out to new departments. Our agency now houses some of the most experienced Web Developers, PPC experts, SEO seniors, Social Media managers, and creative Graphic Designers.


We saw a lot of potential in the skills we obtained. They were the perfect soil to plant a new seed. One that will grow into an even bigger family. With all the experience we gathered and expertise we reached, we knew that we can build a quality product that can help businesses grow. Our unique services are so integrated that you won’t have a website go live without recommendations from our PPC experts that the pages are conversion-ready. You will always get a website that matches all the onpage SEO criteria set by Google. Your blog post won’t go live without social media promotion. We realized that doing one aspect of digital marketing gets your business only up to a point. Integrating all the channels and making them work together increase efficiency by 100%. Having reached the conclusion that we can grow businesses faster, we set on a journey to cultivate Lunaria Digital’s workforce and services even more. After so many wins, we reached the conclusion that our services are more effective than others on the market.

Web design is no longer just about aesthetics. So, we brought our website design services to another level. Graphic designers work closely with our web development team and SEO to deliver a website that offers amazingly well-planned informational structure that makes it easy to navigate, mobile compatibility and responsiveness for the ever-growing mobile audience, well-formatted and arranged content, consistent compatibility across all browsers, the best choice of colors that both match your brand and are in line with Conversion Rate Optimization, user-friendly features such as forms, CTAs, and other visual features. How does this sound? Let’s work together in bringing your brand and services into the spotlight with the most beautiful and user-friendly website design.