Paid advertising i.e. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is one of the best investments you can go with in digital marketing. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to narrowly target a selected audience, paid marketing is the answer. With so many different options such as Display Ads, Video Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn advertising, Facebook Advertising and much more, you get the opportunity to serve your ads to people that are more likely to convert as opposed to the ones randomly browsing the web. As you are probably already setting aside a budget for digital marketing, you HAVE to consider paid advertising.


How it’s done? With handling our clients’ money, the most important two things are ROI and transparency. First, we analyze your business and competition. Then we perform keyword research in order to find the most adequate set of phrases and search terms to deliver you the best position and visibility. Of course, this is the phase we do our first review with the client in order to consolidate what you want your business to be found for and what not. With the set of approved keywords, we proceed to set up the campaigns. Our paid advertising specialists are amazing with creating the best verbiage your Google Ads will display.

We provide constant reporting through the duration of the campaigns, we monitor your competition to stay ahead of them, and perform additional (if necessary) modification to keep your Google Ads in place.


Our paid marketing team houses experts in different fields. If conversions for your business don’t lie in Google Search Results Pages, then you are going to need paid advertising services on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp, and more! Target your potential customers where they spend most of their time – social media channels and platforms. Facebook and Instagram have proven to be exceptionally effective for B2C marketing, whilst LinkedIn provides a unique targeting opportunity for new B2B customers. 

How to get your message across?

The paid media specialist are much like profilers. They analyze and determine the characteristics of your ideal customer – demographics, interests, likes and dislikes. Then they proceed with targeting those people with compelling messaging and visual content.

Landing Page and CRO?

Our paid advertising specialists don’t just study and evaluate the components of your ads that deliver them to potential customers, they also analyze their behavior once they land on the targeted page. They work closely with our design and development team to tweak the landing page for optimal conversion. As you can see, our digital marketing efforts are more than mere ad setups. We integrate all our strategies with all our departments in order to deliver maximum results.