Web development services and web development companies are not what they used to be. It’s no longer enough to have a beautiful website. In the age of Google guidelines, your website needs to be responsive, fast, user-friendly, easy to navigate, conversion-driven and esthetically pleasing. I order to stay ahead of the competition, your website has to fulfill all these requirements. Remember, the average Internet user’s attention span is six seconds. You need to seize their attention fast! With Lunaria Digital, expert web development company, you get all of the above – a beautiful SEO-friendly, fast as a cheetah (lightning if you prefer) and gorgeously customized website.


WordPress has been proven to be the most friendly CMS (Content Management System) in terms of SEO and the most popular one (for a reason). It’s perfect for your small business, restaurant, a big website with myriad services or even an online shop. It’s unbelievably affordable, easily customizable and flexible. Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress comes with loads of tools, loads of plugins, a great selection of SEO-friendly themes and a stable environment.

That’s not all! Our crafty, proficient and professional web developers have all the necessary skills to improve it, to customize it, to make it UNIQUE. And let’s face it, standing out in the competitive Internet world is your most important asset. Take advantage of our experience and expertise and let’s build your new website together.


Our web development team has Shopify CMS wrapped around their fingers. We can mold it, improve it, customize it and make it so inviting that visitors will immensely enjoy browsing it (and shopping on it). Shopify has been declared by many as by far the best eCommerce platform for your online store. Our web developers are familiar with its many ready-to-use templates that can be customized to your specifications and requirements. Shopify is flexible, the themes are easy-to-use and allow us to expand its features with third-party apps and add-ons.

As the industry’s leading web developers with unparalleled experience in creating professional, business-ready, original and supremely customized eCommerce websites, we invite you to fill in our form, get in touch, receive your free quote and get your online shop up-and-running with us.

Website maintenance?

We care about our websites

With Lunaria Digital you don’t just get website design and development. If you opt for our other services, like SEO, you receive website maintenance for the duration of your contract. Websites need constant love and care carried out with skillful hands and guided towards your success. The website development services we provide don’t have to stop with the launch of your website into the unknown and (un)explored spaces of the vast Internet, it can be a start of a beautiful friendship. Let us make your dream website a reality.