Social media marketing services are vital for creating, maintaining and promoting your brand or services. You want people to hear your voice, draw their attention and engage them in their everyday environment – social media channels. We made our profiles our way of living. If something doesn’t happen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram it might as well never happen. Your customers are on social media. People are reviewing and talking about your services and products on social media. They even search for your type of services on their channels of choice.


Do your channels need better content and faster growth? In Lunaria Digital, it all starts with detailed research and careful planning. No matter if it’s a new profile or an already established one, we will improve it. Our social media management team is fluent in translating your brand to your audience, new and old. We craft meticulous social media calendars for the channels of your choosing, we determine the best posting times, the most appropriate messaging and we utilize our visual tools, and help from our graphic design department, to bring your channel and audience a custom visual experience.

Are you ready to increase your social media presence and grow your business? If you’re looking for an automated and effective solution for your digital presence and brand awareness, Delta Digital is your home. We will love your brand as our own. We will help it thrive and we will always look for new ways to put it in the right spotlight.


Organic reach is dead. Yeas, we said it. We know it. You know it. In order for your social media campaign to succeed, you need to employ paid social services. Our social media experts can swiftly discover the audience you want and need, properly and optimally set up targeting, and optimize your cost per action. They will deliver content and messaging to the right people, expand your reach and achieve goals set up in the initial social media strategy.

How do we do it? Our graphic design team creates stunning custom visuals. Then, our social media advertising team creates the right social media campaign that matches the goals laid out in the social media strategy. Voila! All that’s left for our social media experts is to make sure the campaign runs smoothly and adjust where and when it is necessary. Keeping track our campaign babies, making sure they grow, is what comes naturally to us.


With Delta Digital, you can choose from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn social media marketing. Your business can be either big or small, we have experience in managing channels for both. We will target B2B and B2C audiences on Facebook, capture people’s attention with vivid imagery on Instagram, use compelling Tweets for maximal engagement, or, use LinkedIn to pinpoint professionals for your B2B business.